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Duo Safety Ladders

Over 80 years of experience in the manufacture of the highest quality fire service ladders stands behind each DUO-SAFETY ladder.

Duo-Safety ladders are available in a number of different models and sizes. Solid Beam Aluminum Ladders - These ladders incorporate Duo-Safety's exclusive tongue and groove arrangement. This construction design holds the sections firmly and rigidly, without brackets, hooks, or obstructions of any kind. Ladders have a solid outside rail. The channel rail construction provides the advantage of extra strength without cumbersome weight. Truss Aluminum Ladders - These ladders incorporate tubular construction which uses a channel and "I" beam combined to provide the ultimate in strength and safety. Construction features include: double parallel fins; double set of truss plates; ribbed, extruded rungs, electrically welded to outside of truss plates; and aluminum rivets. Folding ("Attic") Ladders - The ultimate in handy, convenient ladders. Light weight, these aluminum ladders fold into a compact bundle for storing or carrying. In the open position, special locking devices keep the ladders absolutely rigid. Equipped with Duo-Safety Ladder shoes as an extra precaution. Replacement parts available.

Duo-Safety Pike Pole

Duo-Safety Fiberglass Pike Poles have an extruded aluminum head for durability. The pole is hollow fiberglass with permanent molded-in yellow colour. Available in 2' - 20' lengths. PLEASE NOTE: These pike poles are designed for push and pull applications. This pole is hollow, it is not intended to be used as a pry bar. D-Handles and Heads for pike poles can be fitted to your in-service pike poles or ordered installed on new poles.