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Flir K Series

TRADE IN & TRADE UP - Limited Timer Offer till June 30! Get big savings on select Flir K-Series TICs by trading in your current TIC - ANY BRAND, ANY CONDITION! Contact us for more information. FLIR offers a comprehensive lineup of thermal imaging cameras - TICs - designed specifically to help first responders quickly and confidently find their way through the darkest environments, identify targets in extreme temperature settings, and make informed decisions when seconds count.

This is about more than seeing through a smoke-filled room: by viewing the entire scene from multiple viewpoints, incident commanders can make better decisions when directing resources. And, since FLIR TICs clearly visualize heat sources, they’re an important tool for hazmat and search and rescue operations.

Light, robust, and easy to use, FLIR TICs are designed to withstand the toughest firefighting conditions: whether it’s a two-meter drop, heavy water spray, or blazing-hot temperatures.