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Centurion™ Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AR-AFFF)

Centurion 3% and Centurion 3%/6% both available.
  • Environmentally responsible foam concentrate.
  • Compatible with a wide range of proportioning and foam-making devices.
  • Suitable for use with foam compatible dry powder extinguishing agents.

Knockdown® Class A Foam

  • Environmentally responsible formulation
  • U.L. Listed as a Wetting Agent, at substantially lower usage rates than most Wetting Agents
  • Premix is stable for more than 30 days (using potable water), which is significantly longer than traditional Class A foam solutions.
  • Emulsifies Class B Hydrocarbon fuels
  • Contains NO alcohols for higher flash point and compatibility with Class A/B Systems
  • Can be used with fresh, brackish and sea water, plus exhibits good foamability, even in cold water

Responder® Class A Foam

Environmentally responsible Responder, Class A foam concentrate is designed for use in Class A/B foam systems and is excellent for Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS). This environmentally responsible formulation does not contain reportable components under SARA Title III, Section 313 of 40 CFR-372, or CERCLA. Responder foam concentrate works in two ways. First, Responder improves the penetrating capability of water. It reduces the surface tension of plain water which allows it to penetrate surfaces where water might normally run off, to reach deep-seated fires. This helps reduce the amount of water required to extinguish the fire and also provides quicker knockdown. Secondly, Responder increases the heat absorbing capabilites of water. Foaming ingredients give water the ability to adhere to vertical surfaces which allows the water longer contact with the fuel. The longer the water is in contact with the fuel, the more heat it is able to absorb. A coating of Class A foam may also be used for exposure protection to prevent fuels from igniting by raising their moisture content and providing a tough protective barrier to an oncoming flame front.

Universal® Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AR-AFFF)

Universal Alcohol Resistant AFFF (AR-AFFF) concentrates demonstrate National Foam’s innovation and commitment to superior flexibility, firefighting performance and environmental responsibility. The first of the modern AR-AFFF foam concentrates, Universal products are used to extinguish hydrocarbons, polar solvent (water miscible) fires and many oxygenated fuel blends. Fuel type, proportioning accuracy and incident dynamics should be considered when selecting percentage use concentration. Universal is an AR-AFFF concentrate with a special biosynthesized polymer. This polymer is designed to fulfill two functions. The first is to form a protective membrane between the fuel and the foam as it contacts the water-miscible fuel, making extinguishment possible. The second function is to make the foam more stable and heat-resistant, resulting in better burnback resistance and sealability compared to conventional AFFFs.

Universal®F3 Green – Fluorine Free Foam

Universal®F3 Green 3%-3% is a superior quality 3% synthetic fluorine free (FF) foam concentrate, designed for extinguishing and securing all types of flammable liquid fires and Class A incidents. This fluorine free foam, from National Foam, has been designed specifically for general emergency responders who are faced with a variety of risks in a range of situations. Universal®F3 Green 3%-3% is a patented combination of surfactants and other ingredients to produce a vapor sealing blanket of foam that rapidly spreads over the surface of the fuel to provide rapid control and extinguishment.