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Battery-Powered Chain Saw Conversion Kit

Convert your ordinary Makita, Dewalt, or Milwaukee Chain Saw into a heavy-duty rescue saw. Super Vac’s Chain Saw Conversion Kits turn ordinary 16″ wood-cutting Makita, DeWalt or Milwaukee battery-powered chain saws into heavy-duty rescue saws for the fire industry. These battery-powered saws are usually only ideal for cutting wood, but this kit equips the saw with a carbide-tipped chain designed to cut through wood, nails, asphalt, shingles and light metal, as well as residential and commercial roofing — all with ease to the firefighter while not damaging the chain. **This new product is currently in production. Estimated shipping date - October 2020**

Rescue Chainsaw

The SV3 Rescue Chainsaw is a high power, reliable chain saw made for venting and rescue operations. Proven ability to cut layered residential roofing, downed trees and building materials. The specialized Airmaster Multi-Chamber filtration system stops large particles in a primary chamber, allowing the finer second chamber to more efficiently trap the finest particles without risk of clogging by large splinters and chips.

Rescue Cutoff Saw

Super Vac's SVC4-14 Rescue Cutoff Saw is the perfect combination of strength and mobility in a rescue cut off saw. Proven ability to cut concrete, asphalt, stone, steel, rebar, aluminum, commercial roofing, and more.

Super Vac PPV fans

The Valor Series is the latest in PPV innovations from Super Vac. Featuring an intuitive frame design that is simple to position on the fire ground, the Valor series is engineered to ease the toughest ventilation challenges.

They feature a tough, tubular aluminum frame (15% lighter than previous models), full width handle, real rubber never-flat tires, 5-position tilt via the quick step pad, and the ability to easily attached ducting to the output.

The Valor was also designed to be more versatile.  With the addition of the 5-Position Step Pad, this PPV easily can be placed on stairs eliminating problems previously encounters on 1 and 2 step entry ways and front porches.

The Valor also keeps firefighter safety in mind.  Not only are the heavy duty tires tough enough to maneuver curbs and debris, found on scene, they are also strategically placed on the back of the frame so you never need to put yourself between the PPV and the fire during set-up.

Super Vac PPV fans come in many different sizes from 16″ blades that fit in the tightest of apparatus compartments to large scale PPVs for the largest of jobs, and a variety of power options – battery, electric, or gas. Contact us to find the right PPV fan for your department.