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AkroFlow Portable Flow Meter

Use AkroFlow for precision flow management, so you can know your flow on the fireground. Get the most accurate flow readings - in GPM or LPM - on your lines for testing, training or active operations:
  • calibrate fire suppression equipment
  • test pump effectiveness
  • test hydrant flows
  • teach hydraulics
This single unit operates with up to three fire hose sizes: 1.5", 1.75" and 2.5".

Firequip Hose

Built to Last Firequip hose is built with the latest technology and is designed to last, even in the most severe conditions. Meet or Exceed Industry Standards All Firequip hose (Attack, LDH Supply, Booster, Hard Suction, Soft Suction, and Forestry hose) is manufactured to strict standards and meets or exceeds NFPA requirements.

North American Fire Hose

The difference is... your margin of safety.


Rolly III Fire Hose Reeler

Right on the site of action, the extra compact Rolly III allows fast, effortless coiling of B- and C-sized hoses up to 20 meters (66 ft) long and with a maximum diameter of 75 millimeters (3 in). Simply by rolling over the laid-out hose, the reeler coils up hoses folded or unfolded. A sliding handle makes the reeler compact enough for any vehicle.

Snap-tite Hose (All American Hose)

Snap-tite Hose sets the industry standard for quality and safety in lay-flat hose for municipal and forest firefighting. Rugged and reliable, Snap-tite Hose products meet stringent NFPA Standards and each is tested and certified to guarantee superior performance on the fireground. From large diameter supply line hose to firefighting attack hose, we offer hoses for every application with a variety of jackets and liners, and an assortment of diameters to meet your exact requirements. Brands include: Snap-tite Hose, Ponn, & National Fire Hose.