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Duo Safety Ladders

Over 80 years of experience in the manufacture of the highest quality fire service ladders stands behind each DUO-SAFETY ladder.

Duo-Safety ladders are available in a number of different models and sizes. Solid Beam Aluminum Ladders - These ladders incorporate Duo-Safety's exclusive tongue and groove arrangement. This construction design holds the sections firmly and rigidly, without brackets, hooks, or obstructions of any kind. Ladders have a solid outside rail. The channel rail construction provides the advantage of extra strength without cumbersome weight. Truss Aluminum Ladders - These ladders incorporate tubular construction which uses a channel and "I" beam combined to provide the ultimate in strength and safety. Construction features include: double parallel fins; double set of truss plates; ribbed, extruded rungs, electrically welded to outside of truss plates; and aluminum rivets. Folding ("Attic") Ladders - The ultimate in handy, convenient ladders. Light weight, these aluminum ladders fold into a compact bundle for storing or carrying. In the open position, special locking devices keep the ladders absolutely rigid. Equipped with Duo-Safety Ladder shoes as an extra precaution. Replacement parts available.

Little Giant Ladder Systems

Little Giant Ladder Systems, the industry leader in ladder safety innovation, has developed two ladders especially for firefighters. Firefighters work in the most hazardous environments. Little Giant’s fire service ladders improve firefighter safety by providing a stable work platform with features that are specifically aimed at hazards that firefighters face every day.


The Little Giant Overhaul™ ladder system was designed by firefighters for firefighters. The Overhaul ladder extends to 17 feet but is small enough to carry into an elevator, up a flight of stairs, or around tight corners. The ladder is just 4 foot 7 inches tall when retracted.The Overhaul has been engineered to combat all the unique challenges that firefighters have to face every day.


The Little Giant Defender™ was specifically engineered for firefighters who need speed and strength in a rapid-response portable ladder system. The Defender is designed to fit existing storage spaces in most fire engines and is constructed of a special alloy that makes it lighter than any comparable industrial-rated ladder. The Defender also includes several innovative new features such as the Quad-Lock™ hinge and the Rock Locks™ for quick, easy adjustment with heavy firefighter gloves. The Defender can be used in dozens of unique configurations as an A-frame, extension, staircase and 90-degree ladder, and as a trestle-and-plank scaffolding system. The Defender’s wide-flared legs and aerospace-grade aluminum construction provide an unmatched feeling of safety and stability.