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Mercury FlowGuard

Introducing FlowGuard for the Mercury Quick Attack LE portable fire monitor. The Mercury FlowGuard is designed to reduce hazard risk for your crew and give them confidence while firefighting. Not only does the FlowGuard protect your crew, but also your pump. When the hose or the monitor experiences excessive, potentially hazardous movement while flowing, the Mercury FlowGuard, will automatically reduce water flow.

Mercury Quick Attack Portable Monitor

Hit Low, Hit Hard and Hit Far with the Mercury™ Quick LE Portable Monitor. The Mercury Quick Attack LE sets a new standard in the market and is the only portable monitor that meets NFPA 1964. It is compact and lightweight at 15 pounds and flows 500 GPM. Now even better, it can hit low at 10° and far up to 250 feet at 100 psi. Easy and quick to deploy, friction loss is minimal.