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Husky Portable Water Tanks

Husky Portable Containment continues to set the bar for the folding frame tank and related accessories. Husky offers a large selection of portable folding frame tanks in a variety of shapes and sizes, available with vinyl or EXLON® liners. These folding portable water storage and holding tanks are easy to set up and come standard with Husky's Easy Lift Handles, so tear down is a breeze as well. Husky's Folding Frame Tanks are available in steel frames or aluminum frames, both with a pinch free design. Options include:
  • Classic Husky Tanks
  • Leading Edge Tanks - can be transformed into a narrower tank for more set-up options
  • Skinny Tanks - narrow folding frame drop tank
Husky also has a wide variety of covers to meet your needs, including ground covers, staging mats, hose bed and cross lay covers.