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Super Vac PPV fans

Super Vac PPV fans come in many different sizes from 16″ blades that fit in the tightest of apparatus compartments to large scale PPVs for the largest of jobs, and a variety of power options – battery, electric, or gas.

How to select a PPV fan?

First, what is the best way for you and your department to power your PPV?  Super Vac 16″, 18″, & 20" variable-speed battery fans, which work with your choice of dual DEWALT® batteries or Milwaukee® batteries, are the most compatible PPV interfaces on the market. 

An Electric motor is reliable, has a perfectly clean airstream, is generally more quiet and no fussing with gas/oil, but requires generators for set-up.  Some electric can even be used in Hazardous Locations.  Gas has a faster set up and is more powerful than electric motors, but can add by products of combustion into the airstream and requires more maintenance. 

Second, what is the best size for you and your department?  How much room do you have on your truck?  What size buildings are in your area?  How much output are you looking to get out of your fan? Next pick a specific motor/engine.  Do you need variable speed, hazardous location motors?  What engine manufacturer do you prefer and trust? Contact us to find the right PPV fan for your department.