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    Universal Spanner Wrench

    Style 10. The all-purpose wrench for 3/4" to 3" rocker lug and pin lug couplings. Features a belt hook eye, hammer head and a gas cock shutoff. - Akrolite construction - Length: 11 1/2", weight: 8 oz.

    Revel Scout Portable LED Emergency Scene Light

    This tactical LED scene light is designed to increase the safety of firefighters and emergency responders on exterior scenes or inside dark spaces. The Revel Scout scene light combines a spot and flood light pattern of 14,000 lumens in a 12 lb. package.  With versatile mounting options - set, hang, strap, spike - and a removable, rechargeable battery, the Revel Scout transforms emergency scene lighting with operational ease.

    inView 360 HD™

    See and record the view of the full perimeter around your vehicle. inView 360 HD, by Fire Research Corp., is a revolutionary around vehicle monitoring system that eliminates blind spots by giving drivers a real-time, 360-degree view around the apparatus. The system increases visibility around the apparatus while also providing increased safety, protection from potential liabilities, and other advanced vehicle tracking capabilities. The standard system consists of four cameras to provide a 2D, four camera stitched-around-vehicle view (top view). The full HD ultra-wide cameras give four unique views, allowing the operator to easily see pedestrians and obstacles in close proximity to the apparatus or vehicle. The system is capable of connecting another 1-2 cameras to monitor other areas. All connected cameras are recorded. In addition, the split screen monitor displays one of four individual camera views automatically, dependent on driving operation; front, right, left or reverse. The built-in DVR securely records all connected cameras individually, making it a great resource for insurance purposes if needed in legal proceedings. Make sure your apparatus is equipped with inView’s state-of-the-art safety technology.

    Fire Armor gloves


    • One-piece back shell made of ultra flexible 100% FR Para Aramid knit fleece
    • Engineered with Nomex®/Kevlar® thermal liner on back of hand for superior thermal protection; Modacrylic on palm of hand for superior comfort and dexterity
    • 100% water proof, viral/chemical penetration resistance and blood borne pathogen protection
    • Five separate curved form fitting forchettes for maximum finger dexterity
    • Exclusive breathable adhesive ensures liner/barrier is fully bonded. Liner will NOT pull out
    • One-piece palm cowhide suede leather stays soft when wet with low water absorption
    • Wristlet Style: 4″ Black Nomex® wristlet with leather pull patch and hang-up loop
    • Cadet sizing available
    Both Gauntlet style & Wristlet style available.

    PRO Series NightHawk™ Boots

    Honeywell’s NightHawk™ boot combines durability, protection, and support with world class dexterity. The NightHawk boot is an important protective element that should be an integral part of your PPE / turnout gear. The pull-on firefighter boot provides the high-traction, flame-resistant and slip-resistant structural firefighting security you need in the fireground. Each call brings unpredictable challenges, which is why you need footwear you can depend on hour after hour, day after day, for protection – and comfort. NightHawk™ 5555 is the PRO Series at its finest. Trusted to perform in even the toughest circumstances – just like you.

    Quadracup Nozzle

    QUADRACUP W/GRIP 1.5" NH (38mm)  Selectable gallonage nozzle with four flow settings of 30, 60, 95, and 125 gpm @ 100 psi (110, 230, 360 and 470 l/min @ 7 bar). All lightweight materials, hardcoat anodized aluminum. Flush without shutting down. Quick-change rear valve seat and stainless steel shut-off ball. Pistol grip is mounted below the valve. Rocker lug 1.5" NH (38mm) swivel is standard. 

    Hydrant and Spanner Wrench

    Style 15. Plated for corrosion resistance and designed to prevent hydrant nut damage. - Adjustable to 1 3/4" pentagon or 1 1/4" square nut - Spanner fits 2 1/2" to 4 1/2" rocker lug or pin lug couplings - Replaceable brass inserts available

    Fire Hog gloves

    STRUCTURAL FIRE FIGHTING GLOVE Cowhide suede leather stays soft and provides low water absorption when soaked repeatedly Non-restrictive knuckle band

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