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    Veridian Turnout Gear

    Veridian makes no compromises in constructing comfortable, performance-based fire protective apparel. Clever design elements with superior materials and workmanship are standard with every set of gear that Veridian builds. All gear is custom-made to each firefighter's measurements to ensure the best possible comfort and fit. Available series:
    • Valor
    • Vanguard
    • Velocity

    FORTEM™ – Intrinsically Safe Helmet-Mounted Dual-Light™ Flashlight

    The FORTEM™ intrinsically safe dual-light™ flashlight is the most versatile choice for helmet-mounted hands-free lighting. With 250 flashlight lumens that are powerful enough to cut through dense smoke combined with a serious independent 115-lumen floodlight mounted at a 45-degree downward angle, the 5466 is designed for professionals who appreciate performance and convenience. User adjustable flashlight modes range from 250 lumens on high, 100 lumens on medium and 25 lumens on low. Dial down the floodlight to light up your gear or feet as you walk by adjusting from 115 lumens on high, to 50 lumens on medium or 10 lumens in potentially-life saving survival mode. Additionally, in Dual-Light mode (both the Flashlight and the Floodlight turned on at the same time) you get 150 lumens providing maximum versatility along with user safety. The 5466 also has a green, rear-facing LED light so that others can easily identify team personnel in smoke-filled or dusty environments. The 5466 will fit on any Fire Helmet (or side-brim hard hat) regardless of whether it has an up-turned or down-turned brim thanks to the 360-degree pivoting mount that allows the user position the light at the optimal angle. This feature makes it possible to not only avoid goggles, face shields, and other helmet-worn gear but also place the light exactly where it’s needed. The 5466 is IP-67 rated dustproof/waterproof and meets the requirement for NFPA-1971-8.6 (2013). Power comes from 2 included CR123 batteries. (Not compatible with rechargeable batteries.)

    Ranger™ Series Boots – Model 1000

    Premium, top of the line model, offers complete protection and lightweight comfort. The only rubber boot on the market utilizing athletic AeroSpacer® mesh lining for superior cushioning underfoot, with unmatched temperature regulation and moisture management throughout. Lightweight so your legs stay fresher.  

    Turbojet Nozzle

    The selectable gallonage Turbojet fog nozzle is unmatched in today’s fire service for its operational flexibility, stream performance and flow control. Tested, proven and trusted by firefighters worldwide. • Selectable gallonage control to choose the best flow setting for the situation • Excellent stream performance at lower pressures • Lightweight with tough construction • 120° wide fog and quarter turn bumper adjustment from straight stream to wide fog • Raised lug on the bumper for easy spray pattern identification • Nozzles, tips and breakaparts available • Choice of global inlets • Standard is with the black pistol grip, handle, spinning teeth and bumper • NFPA 1964, FM Approved, EN-15182 and CCCF certifications available • 10 year warranty, best in the business

    INTRANT® Intrinsically Safe Dual-Light™ Angle Light – 3 AA

    The INTRANT® Intrinsically Safe Angle Light is a Flashlight, a Floodlight and a Dual-Light Angle Light that is cULus, ATEX, IECEx, and INMETRO certified Intrinsically Safe. The INTRANTs flashlight pivots 90 degrees up and down with a 45 degree downward angled floodlight. The flashlight setting offers user-selectable brightness settings of 200, 110 and 60 Lumens with a 401 meter beam distance. The ultra-tight beam is perfect for cutting through smoke and lighting up objects at great distances. The floodlight setting has user-selectable brightness settings of 100, 40 and a “Survival Mode” of 20 lumens that provides just enough light in an emergency situation with a run-time of 33 hours. The Dual-Light mode allows the user to simultaneously see objects at a distance or through the smoke, as well as see the ground in front of them as they walk or work. The INTRANT is powered by 3 included AA batteries and can be upgraded to a rechargeable model by adding the optional rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack and the charger. The INTRANT is IP-67 dustproof/waterproof and meets requirements of NFPA-1971-8.6 (2013).
    • XPP-5566RX - Red
    • XPP-5566GX - Green

    Rolly III Fire Hose Reeler

    Right on the site of action, the extra compact Rolly III allows fast, effortless coiling of B- and C-sized hoses up to 20 meters (66 ft) long and with a maximum diameter of 75 millimeters (3 in). Simply by rolling over the laid-out hose, the reeler coils up hoses folded or unfolded. A sliding handle makes the reeler compact enough for any vehicle.

    Firequip Hose

    Built to Last Firequip hose is built with the latest technology and is designed to last, even in the most severe conditions. Meet or Exceed Industry Standards All Firequip hose (Attack, LDH Supply, Booster, Hard Suction, Soft Suction, and Forestry hose) is manufactured to strict standards and meets or exceeds NFPA requirements.

    MicroPulse® Ultra

    Highly Effective Ultra Slim Warning Light The MicroPulse® Ultra models have a low-profile design that offers a wider range of mounting options to fit various applications. The advanced high-output LED light head can be programmed to operate as a single unit or in synchronization with multiple MicroPulse light heads. Built-in flash patterns enable multiple vehicle perimeter lights to be either synchronized in the same pattern or in opposite sequence. MicroPulse Ultra Steady Burn models are intended to be flashed with the Pathfinder Siren or other external flasher. The combination of the Steady Burn models and the Pathfinder Siren allow the Pathfinder to control lights around the vehicle by utilizing flash patterns in the siren, syncing and alternating light heads, and dimming light heads. Built to Stand Up to the Most Punishing Conditions The MicroPulse Ultra lens is made of UV resistant polycarbonate to protect against harsh conditions. Models include a fully encapsulated water-proof housing, which provides a barrier against moisture and condensation. All MicroPulse Ultra perimeter lights are backed by Federal Signal’s comprehensive three-year warranty. A Versatile Solution for Supplemental Warning Light Application Suitable for external and/or internal mounting applications, the MicroPulse Ultra comes in many colours, including Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White, as well as split-colour combinations. Models come standard with a black bezel and are also available with an optional chrome or white bezel.

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