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Featured Products


    Centurion™ Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AR-AFFF)

    Centurion 3% and Centurion 3%/6% both available.
    • Environmentally responsible foam concentrate.
    • Compatible with a wide range of proportioning and foam-making devices.
    • Suitable for use with foam compatible dry powder extinguishing agents.

    Zico Equipment & Tool Mounts

    ZICO has been providing the men and women of the fire services industry with quality products and dependable service for over 50 years, bringing innovative new designs and improving on existing ones in order to meet ever-evolving needs of the fire fighting industry. When you see the name ZICO or ZIAMATIC on a product, you can be assured it is top quality, reasonably priced, and backed by thorough field testing.
    • Extrication Tool Holders
    • Helmet Storage
    • Nozzle Mounts
    • Portable Generator Mounts
    • Portable Light Mounts
    • Strut Brackets

    FireRay® LED Perimeter Lights

    The FireRay LED perimeter lights offer a variety of lighting options and sizes with a unique new look that accommodates multiple mounting applications on fire apparatus, ambulances, command vehicles, and work trucks. The FireRay series includes warning lights, brake/tail/turn, arrow, back- up, and scene lights with an optional black or chrome bezel. Warning lights are available in standard 4x3, 6x4, 7x3 and 9x7 and scene lights are available in 6x4, 7x3 and 9x7. Models are available in single and split-color with the option of either a clear or colored lens. LED color options include Amber, Blue, Green, Red or White and lens color options include Amber, Blue, Red, Green or Clear.

    Assault Nozzle

    The Assault fixed orifice fog nozzle is versatile and simple to use. The quality stream performance combined with a wide range of flow and pressure capability is a trademark of this nozzle. • Fixed orifice makes it easy to use for the nozzle operator • Wide flow range with pressures as low as 50 psi (3.5 bar) • Matching smooth bore flows available at 50 psi (3.5 bar) • Lightweight with tough construction • Quarter turn bumper adjustment from straight stream to wide fog • Raised lug on the bumper for easy spray pattern identification • Nozzles, tips and breakaparts available • Choice of global inlets • Standard includes the black pistol grip, handle, spinning teeth and bumper • FM Approved, NFPA 1964 and EN-15182 certifications available • 10 year warranty, best in the business

    Revel LED Scene Light Head

    Turn any dark, hazardous situation into daylight with the Revel, Akron’s high powered LED scene light. With more capability than ever before, the Revel combines a spot and flood pattern into one powerful 14,000 or 28,000 lumen solution. Direct light evenly across your entire scene with the Revel’s enhanced optic design.
    • Combination spot/flood optics
    • True surface mount
    • Push button swivel for simplified, efficient operation
    • IP 68 rated

    INTRANT® Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable Dual-Light™ Angle Light

    The INTRANT® Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable Angle Light is a Flashlight, a Floodlight and a Dual-Light Angle Light that is cULus, ATEX, IECEx, and INMETRO certified Intrinsically Safe. The INTRANTs flashlight rotates 90 degrees up and down with a 45 degree downward angled floodlight. The flashlight setting offers user-selectable brightness settings of 200, 110 and 60 Lumens with a 401 meter beam distance. The ultra-tight beam is perfect for cutting through smoke and lighting up objects at great distances. The floodlight setting has user-selectable brightness settings of 100, 40 and a “Survival Mode” of 20 lumens that provides just enough light in an emergency situation with a run-time of 27 hours. The Dual-Light mode allows the user to simultaneously see objects at a distance or through the smoke, as well as see the ground in front of them as they walk or work. The INTRANT is powered by rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack and includes a AA Battery Carrier to provide backup power if needed. The INTRANT is IP-67 Dustproof & Waterproof and meets requirements of NFPA-1971-8.6 (2013).
    • XPR-5568GX - Green
    • XPR-5568RX - Red

    OnScene Solutions – Cargo Slides, LED Lighting, Equipment Securement

    For nearly 15 years, OnScene Solutions been right beside you — teaming up to engineer only the best for your everyday scene. OnScene Solutions's heavy-duty cargo slides, versatile LED lighting systems, and in-compartment securement solutions are all designed to make your fire department's response swift and your crews safe.
    • Premium Cargo Slides
    • LED Lighting
    • Air Cylinder Management
    • Equipment Securement - Straps, Quick release and Velcro

    Rescue Chainsaw

    The SV3 Rescue Chainsaw is a high power, reliable chain saw made for venting and rescue operations. Proven ability to cut layered residential roofing, downed trees and building materials. The specialized Airmaster Multi-Chamber filtration system stops large particles in a primary chamber, allowing the finer second chamber to more efficiently trap the finest particles without risk of clogging by large splinters and chips.

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